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2 Is the Uncanny Dodge overpowered in DnD?

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If you're looking for Uncanny Dodge 5e, you've come to the right place. Here in this post, you will get the complete guide for Uncanny Dodge 5e, a dodgy level five feature that looks great at first glance and that many DMs dismiss from their games.

If you're a new villain trying to figure out how to use a Dungeon Master or Uncanny Dodge, read the in-game rules for that skill and be wondering if Jeremy Crawford (Lead Designer 5e) has completely lost his mind (he hasn't, mind you) , we take care of you.

Now, without further ado, let's get started with the Uncanny Dodge 5e guide.

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Scary Dodge 5e

Uncanny Dodge 5e – (Update!) (Complete Guide – 2023) (1)

Uncanny Dodge is actually a rogue class feature in the game. At 5th level, when hit by an attack in play, a rogue can use her reaction to halve damage taken in play, as long as she can see her attacker in play.

As long as the rogue has reaction, he can halve one instance of damage from a ranged, melee, or spell attack each turn.

It's an extremely simple rule, considering how many people abuse it, misinterpret it, and generally freak out about it.

amazing dodge

At level 5, when a game attacker you can see hits you with an attack, you can use your reaction to halve the game attack's damage.

At first glance, I understand why this game ability is making the game's balance brigade tremble.

The power to halve incoming damage? Every round of the game? This basically gives all villains double hit points! I'm going to drop this from my game. It's not fair to the game assistant and the player. It's broken, it really is.

Is the Uncanny Dodge overpowered in DnD?

Okay, calm down, you imaginary scarecrow, amalgamation of the several dozen anxious Reddit threads I read while researching this post. It's in order. breathe

(By the way, as part of my research, when I googled the main title of this part, the computer caught fire and started spewing acid out of the USB ports. Now I actually won't stop tweeting bad things about kids by Jeremy Crawford , send help)

However, Uncanny Dodge may initially seem to turn the group's villain into an immortal killing machine (this is exactly what villains need: more freedom from the consequences of their actions in the game), in practice this in-game ability is perfectly balanced.

A lot of DMs look at him and really think he's completely overpowered, especially for a 5th level character. Despite this, the limitations of the game's abilities and the significant increase in power of casters and enemies in the fifth level ensure that Uncanny Dodge is fully balanced.

Scary dodges cost your reaction

It costs your reaction, which actually means you can only use this once per game round.

A rogue who thinks he's been played and becomes invincible against many enemies or against one monster in the game with just multiple attacks can halve damage in the next game, but may have to survive two or three more. Also, he attacks before his reaction returns.

This in-game skill does not make you immortal.

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In addition, there are many other things you want to use your in-game reaction for.

  • Perform attacks of opportunity in the game
  • Cast a spell like Counterspell or Shield (nothing for rogues to worry about)
  • Prepare an in-game action

Attacks of opportunity are actually the most common use of a rogue's reaction in the game, and using his uncanny dodge means sacrificing the ability to block an opponent.

Then you have the fact that when you use this ability in-game, you're basically trying to hit a moving target in-game.

Sure, there's an ogre and 3 skeletons that will try to counter you this turn, but which one will actually do the most damage in the game? Probably the ogre, but what if he actually rolls a little deep?

What if a skeleton lands a critical hit and I can't halve game damage? It's very stressful being a fifth-level rogue.

An angry barbarian, on the other hand, gets weird when he doesn't mind getting slapped in the face for all his rage, more or less.

Of course, being able to dodge magic blows and spell attacks is nice, but you can only do that once in the game.

Uncanny Dodge only works on DnD attacks

Uncanny Dodge 5e – (Update!) (Complete Guide – 2023) (2)

Next, we note that Uncanny Dodge cannot reduce all damage in the game, only attacks.

What this really means is that most spells (whether it's area-of-effect spells like Fireball, which require a saving throw, or spells that deal instant damage like Magic Rocket), along with other effects like poison or fall damage, cannot have their damage halved.

Also, damage reduction is really useful, but Uncanny Dodge is not like the shield spell that can prevent an opponent from hitting you.

They hit you too, just for less; turning a punctured lung into a painful scratch along the ribcage.

What this really means is that while you're good at constantly reducing the damage you take in-game, condition-causing enemies (like the Gelatinous Cube's Grip or the Ghoul's Paralyze) can still slow you down in-game.

Extra dodge attack against Spooky Fireball

Now let's discuss where Uncanny Dodge fits in with the rest of the game's ensemble. The fifth level is a big power spike that takes you from the first level to the second level of the game.

(Video) Cleric is Broken | Dungeons and Dragons 5e Guide

Martial characters in the game gain additional attacks, dedicated spellcasters like the mage and mage can start casting 3rd tier spells, and your party's overall in-game toughness is getting to a point where you'll be able to take on anyone stronger to pose a threat.

Far from being overpowered, Uncanny Dodge is actually a way for bad guys to keep track of their allies in the game.

Also, figuring out how to make the villain, who can't cast spells or actually hang out with the game's combat characters in the front row, from the beginning, interact with the rest of the group gave the designers a headache.

Gary Gygax solved the problem in B/X D&D by allowing rogues to level up faster than other classes in the game and having the option of percentile-based abilities (many Grognards argue that creating the ability system was the beginning). end of DnD is great, but they probably just need a snack and a hug); 5e uses Uncanny Dodge (and Sneak Attack) in-game.

When to use Uncanny Dodge in DnD?

It used to be hard to know when to really use your uncanny dodge in the middle of a big in-game fight.

You don't want to waste it blocking damage from a low-level skeleton when your ghoul partner is right behind them sharpening their in-game claws.

In particular, I use this order to decide whether to use Uncanny Dodge at any given point in the game.

  • Is this the most effective use of my reaction this round of the game?
  • Is this the only time I get hit this round of the game?
  • Is this the most significant hit you're likely to take this round of the game?

If the answer to all of the above questions is yes, proceed with an amazing evasive maneuver.

When I'm in a big melee with a group of relatively equally challenged enemies, I find that I like to save Uncanny Dodge until an enemy gets maximum damage or critical hits.

So when it's almost a turn and I haven't had a chance to use it, you can burn it in what feels like the last attack of the turn in the game without too much worry.

It's actually a very difficult resource to use in a well-optimized way, but avoiding too much damage in the game is great.


Hope you like this Uncanny Dodge 5e Guide. This Uncanny Dodge Guide, folks, may be the most overrated skill in D&D 5e, but it's actually a surprisingly elegant and well-balanced piece of design in the game.

If you have any questions or want to make comments about the Uncanny Dodge 5e, the comments section is always open for you.

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