The 15 Best Mexican Restaurants in Budapest (2023)

Mexican Tapas (3) - by Andor Elekes -Wikimedia Commons

In Budapest, the number of ethnic restaurants has increased recently. Mexican food, with an emphasis on tacos, burritos, tamales, chips, salsa and guacamole, has traditionally been one of the city's most popular foreign cuisines. Taste every taco, mole, tamale and more to identify the best Mexican restaurants in Buda, ranging from classic to contemporary. Now there are more options for those looking for that unique palate fire, in addition to some long-standing hot spots. Get ready to experience the best cuisines in Budapest, with favorites like Good Morning Vietnam, Komachi Bistro, Iguana Bar and Grill and more. The best Mexican restaurants in Budapest are listed below.

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1. Iguana Bar e Grill

Small-fajitas-from Mhavez-Wikimedia Commons

Still considered the dean of Mexican restaurants in Budapest, Iguana is a popular destination for locals and foreigners alike. This restaurant has long prided itself on offering premium mezcals and tequilas, ranging in quality from lesser-known producers to well-known brands. It has a traditional cantina feel and a relaxed atmosphere. Delicious dishes like sizzling fajitas, jalapeño cream cheese soup, enchiladas de mole, and the infamous chile squealer (note the red pepper on top!) are served by friendly waitstaff. Also, their pre-made margaritas are fantastic. Iguana also hosts the annual Cinco de Mayo Festival, which features live mariachi music and dancing until dawn and is the only street festival in Budapest.

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practical information
Address: Budapest, Zoltán u. 16, 1054 Hungary
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday; 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
Phone:+36 1 331 4352
Site web:Iguana Bar e Grill

2. Gringo friends

Mexican restaurant company Gringos Amigos offers a variety of dishes in vegetarian and gluten-free variants. Even Paleo diet advocates will find something to like. If that craving is important to you, they also offer honey-sweetened or no-sugar-sweetened sodas. Since they make their own tortillas, they can ensure that every dish they serve is absolutely wonderful. They do all this systematically to have a delicious Mexican delicacy, stuffed and prepared according to your specifications and tastes, as quickly as possible. In addition, all dishes served at this restaurant are made with fresh organic ingredients, so try all their flavors and varieties until you find your favorite.

practical information
Address: Budapest, Anker köz 2-4, 1061 Ungarn
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday; 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
Telephone: +36 20 985 2478
Site web:gringo friends

3. Teresa Mexican Restaurant

001 Carnitas, Roast Beef and Tacos Al Pastor - by Larry Miller -Wikimedia Commons

No one will blame you if Mexican food isn't your number one choice in Budapest. However, Tereza won't let you down if you're in the mood for tacos and margaritas, as long as you consider that Mexico (and California and Texas) are on the other side of the world. Tereza, a creative Latinization of the Terézváros neighborhood name, is owned by the owners of Mazel Tov, an equally trendy restaurant just a few blocks away. Though Tereza has an underground dining room, the patio comes alive at night during the outdoor season, when lamps and sporadic eruptions of flames from the grilling station transform it into a bustling gathering place.

practical information
Address: Budapest, Nagymező u. 3, 1065 Hungary
Hours: Monday to Friday, 18:00-24:00 / Saturdays and Sundays, 12:00-00:00
Telephone:+36 70 368 9374
Site web:Teresa Mexican restaurant

4. The Mexican

This restaurant is constantly looking for ways to keep the original recipes, resulting in a true taste that cannot be duplicated. It's a place to eat and have an amazing dinner. Although it may look small, a flight of stairs leads to a bar where there's more space to relax, entertain and dine. The food is excellent, they have Mexican and local beer, and you can pay with cash or credit card. Note that you must place your order at reception before the staff can deliver your food.

practical information
Address: Budapest, Kinizsi u. 11, 1092 Hungary
Opening hours: Tuesday and Friday; 11am-2pm/Wednesday; 11:00-14:00, 17:30-21:00
Telephone: +36 30 568 6025
Site web:the mexican

5. Cactus - Mexican cuisine

Chili con Carne 7 - by Mark Pellegrini -Wikimedia Commons

At Kaktusz – A mexikonyha, guests can order delicious veggie burritos, quesadillas and corn chowder. The Mexican restaurant is located a few meters from the Blaha. In addition to the more common Mexican dishes like chili con carne, quesadillas, corn chowder and burritos, they also have unique burgers and soups ready for their customers. They take phone reservations for pre-orders of prepared meals for dine-in or delivery.

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practical information
Address: Budapest, Béla Somogyi u. 10, 1085 Hungary
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday; 10am-10pm
Telephone: +36 30 959 7885
Site: Cactus - cozinha mexicana

6. Papitos Mexikanisches Streetfood - Madách

One of the best restaurants in Budapest, just down the street, is Papitos – Madách, which offers expertly prepared tacos. If you like street food, you must visit this place. You can read the menu of this restaurant after visiting the Rumbachstrasse Synagogue. Guests rate how much they like the restaurant's Mexican food. “We just got off the plane and are looking for a good meal. What a pleasant surprise! Great atmosphere, great burrito and good beer. The pork burrito is really good, with fresh guacamole and a side of nachos. The draft beer goes well with the rest of the food. 5/5.” Quoting reviews of Ran M on TripAdvisor.

practical information
Address: Budapest, Madach Imre út 5, 1075 Ungarn
Opening hours: Sunday to Wednesday; 11am-10pm/Thursday; 11am-11pm/Friday-Saturday;11am-12pm
Telephone: +36 70 344 3000
Site web:Papitos Mexican Streetfood - Madách

7 to! Taqueria – Oktogon

Quesadilla-Dish-von EOZyo-Wikimedia Commons

This restaurant is perhaps one of the best Mexican cuisine restaurants. Arriba Taqueria, which recently opened its fourth location on Calle Bartok Bela, continues to attract fans of Mexican cuisine because customers can customize each taco and burrito as it's made. There are vividly painted murals of Mexican icons like Frida Kahlo, Lowriders, and Lucha Libre wrestlers throughout the decor, which has an unmistakable Speedy Gonzales vibe. In addition to tacos, delicious dishes like quesadillas, tamales, tortilla soup and jalapeños are on the menu. Breakfast burritos with scrambled eggs are also available throughout the day.

Don't miss the opportunity to taste a delicious strawberry margarita or a good Mexican beer. It's worth trying a good coffee or a great horchata here. The staff is outstanding here, as guests highlight the good service in their reviews. The prices of this restaurant deserve attention because they are fair. You will certainly enjoy the calm atmosphere and elegant decor.

practical information
Direction: Budapest, Teréz krt. 25, 1067 Hungary
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday; 11am-10pm
Telephone: +36 30 490 8896
Site web:Above! Taqueria – Oktogon

8. The mustache

The first Bigode opened its doors in Budapest, the Hungarian capital, in the VII district of Király Street in 2014. It is natural to discover this street vendor of Mexican food there, as the first few meters of the Király route, right from the street that is far from Deák square, are reminiscent of a border town in Mexico. But despite being a small and unique space, it exceeds expectations with unique foods such as the delicious chorizo ​​and serrano ham. Among the many Spanish gastronomic delights on offer, everyone can discover their favourite.

practical information
Address: Budapest, Raday u. 24, 1092 Hungary
Telephone: +36 1 218 0881

9. Mezcal Mexican Restaurant

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Rote Chilaquiles-von Charles t-Wikimedia Commons

This basement restaurant with adobe walls decorated with porcelain and wooden beams is another colorful Mexican restaurant. Mariachi music permeates the restaurant, which serves a variety of delicious Mexican foods, including chilaquiles (deep-fried tortilla strips with a spicy tomato sauce and cheese), Aztec beef and mole poblano, a chocolate, chicken and chili dish. . Most of its raw materials are imported from Mexico. There is also a large sidewalk seating area for summer guests.

practical information
Address: Budapest, Tompa u. 14, 1094 Hungary
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday; 16h00-24h00/Saturday; 12:00-12:00/Sunday; 12:00-23:00
Telephone: +36 31 784 9494
Site web:mescal mexican restaurant

10. El Rapido Mexikanisches Tequila-Restaurant

On Kazinczy Street, further down Budapest's Scene VII party district, is El Rapido, serving some of the most authentic tacos in the city. It's basically just a small grate on the wall at the entrance to Szimpla Kert, hidden behind a cheery facade. This restaurant is particularly appealing to late-night diners looking for a snack to soak up their drinks. Tortilla-wrapped delights and indescribable tequilas are sure to please everyone. Here you can also enjoy a hot snack during the day.

practical information
Address: Budapest, Kazinczy u. 10, 1075 Hungary
Phone:+36 70 529 8106

11. American Burger and Steakhouse

Tacos 2-de Popo the Dog-Wikimedia Commons

If you want to eat a 5-star burger, the Budapest III restaurant in this neighborhood might be the best option. This is a great place for American burgers and tacos, but you can also find other cuisines here. The meat is delicately seasoned, the bread huge and crispy both outside and inside. For those who want or eat healthy, the restaurant also offers an extra option. You can also have sweet potato fries with your burger. The bubbles and "smoke" produced when some drinks and even desserts are served with dry ice are amusing. You would not regret going here.

practical information
Address: Budapest, Reményi Ede u. 1, 1033 Hungary
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday; 11am-10pm
Telephone: +36 1 247 2085
Site web:American steakhouse and hamburger restaurant

12. Crazy Tacos

On one of Budapest's busiest avenues, this low-key restaurant serves good traditional Mexican food. The menu includes dishes such as key lime pie with mango sauce and warm cream cheese empanadas, as well as chicken flautas (fried stuffed tortillas, also known as taquitos) and green tomato enchiladas. Good service and excellent cuisine is offered.

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practical information
Address: Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 37, 1073 Hungary
Telephone:+36 1 787 8615

13. Hugo's Bar and Mexican Cuisine

Burrito-von samuelfernandezrivera-Wikimedia Commons


You'll have a wonderful experience at Hugo's, whether you're coming for a quick lunch, meeting colleagues or colleagues for happy hour drinks in the full-service bar/canteen, or coming with family or loved ones for a cozy and enjoyable dinner. Whether it's classic Mexican fare like tamales, enchiladas, fajitas and tacos, or their signature shrimp, beef and fatty burrito dishes, your visit is sure to exceed your expectations.

practical information
Address: Budapest, Molnár u. 26, 1056 Hungary
Hours: Monday to Wednesday; 12:00-23:00/Thursday to Saturday; 12:00-23:30/Sunday; 12:00-22:00
Telephone: +36 20 212 6222

14. Cortez Restaurant & Bar

This Mexican restaurant and bar is located at Corvin sétány 2/c, District VIII, Budapest. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of Mexican and American specialties, draft beer and signature short cocktails at this restaurant. The place has a children's area and a dog-friendly area. Visit it and try it out.

practical information
Address: Budapest, Corvin sétány 2/C, 1082 Ungarn
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday; 12:00-12:00/Sunday; 12:00-23:00
Telephone:+36 1 631 2104
Site web:Cortez Restaurant & Bar

15. Chimichanga Center - Bar and Kitchen

Krabbencocktail- by Alejandra Mendoza Santillan-Wikimedia Commons

Located in the center of V Campus near the Basilica, this restaurant offers Mexican-American cuisine specialties, the city's largest and ever-growing tequila/mezcal collection, signature cocktails, gin and tonic masterpieces and a variety of carefully selected Premium beverages. . Those who like to eat well and in large quantities cannot fail to try their dishes, made with fresh ingredients and following traditional methods. Many customers recommend having perfectly prepared tacos. There are reports of professionalism among workers.

practical information
Address: Budapest, Zrínyi u. 18, 1051 Hungary
Hours of Operation: Sunday to Thursday; 11:30-12:00/Friday-Saturday; 11:30 am. at 1 am m.
Telephone: +36 70 678 7006
Site web:Chimichanga Downtown – Bar and Kitchen

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