How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign? (2023)

How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign? (1)

Examine - reflect - revisit - meditate - breathe - repeat

Seriously? DOWN AGAIN? It's true, when we heard those words, we cringed because we heard the rumors about retrograde. It's actually a bit boring, but it's also a time to sit back and reflect on what's happening from October 14th to November 3rd.

Mercury retrograde is in Capricorn and the things that crop up could be related to issues related to home repairs, lack of family communication, security breaches, financial adjustments, real estate issues, loyalty (which side are you on?). she "?).

When Mercury is retrograde it is not usually a time to move forward with anything new, but it is a time to look at the things that are ongoing in your life and take a close look to review, revise, too refine, go back and/or or reconsider things, situations, contracts, etc.

During this time, back up your computer, maintain your car and other electronic devices.

An interesting little fact about Mercury retrograde is that old friends, long-lost family members, and ex-boyfriends can call them, email them, or just meet them in random places.

Also, you may need to be patient when appointments don't go as planned, trips go unplanned, luggage gets lost, emails get sent to the wrong person, cell phones break, and communications get messed up.

When Mercury is retrograde, it is not a good time to buy electronics, computers, cell phones, appliances, or cars.

This is when you should research the items you want to buy to get a better deal or find a better product.

This is not a good time to sign contracts, start new projects, or close big deals, as you may be missing a crucial piece of the puzzle that has yet to be revealed (remember, there are always exceptions to this rule). .

Just know, this is a time to look back and take what you already have in life and adjust, heal, remove or adjust.

Mercury gives you the opportunity to slow down and process what you have learned in your journey so far.

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How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign? (2)



During this time in Retrograde, you will find yourself reflecting on the past and wondering what is constantly holding you back. When you move in Capricorn, you'll feel a little more tense than usual. There's nothing a walk or exercise can't fix.

Also, it's time to grab a piece of paper, a pen, and some tea and start putting your feelings down on paper. Find lifelong friends to help you get through Zoom or the house party. Maybe a little pity party wouldn't hurt while you sort things out.

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How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign? (3)


Since you're pretty intense most of the time, when Mercury is retrograde you'll feel it ten times stronger and feel a bit more snappy than usual.

This step backwards is the perfect time to relax a little more and get in touch with your feelings. Try to be a little more sensitive. Love will always conquer a Taurus, so reach out to those you love the most and spend quality time with them. Also, get more physical exercise, yoga, and walks during this time.

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How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign? (4)


Sensitive Gemini, you will feel this regression a little more than most, and your wallet may take the brunt of your feelings. NO! During this time, pay close attention to your finances and pay special attention to saving money. Find inexpensive ways to stay busy.

It's super easy for a Gemini to be creative and right now it's important. Although your emotions are running high this month, it's the perfect time to reflect on your past and see where you are today.

Your self-esteem might be questioned at this point. Geminis are "opportunity takers" and therefore make more mistakes than the average person. Don't be too hard on yourself. A good time to reflect and go through a journal. mother nature loves you Gather your friends and family, stay safe and share a fun time together.

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How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign? (5)


Since Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn, you will be working harder than anyone to "reflect," "reject," and "overthink" right now.

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You can identify with many different personalities and in some cases you tend to be a little wrong around people you don't like. It's time to clean up and examine your past and present. Who needs to go and who do you want to bond with more deeply? They have an energy limit and tend to run out of energy quickly.

At this time, let's clean the house, starting with your inner feeling, and build a better future. Make a list, review it, and see who's good and who's bad. From there you know what to do and remember: this is your time to really think about the changes you want to make.

How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign? (6)


Queen and king of the jungle, this month you won't feel so powerful. It's time to dive into your life and see what patterns you keep repeating that are keeping you from conquering the world.

This is the month to break bad patterns and reinvent yourself. Even if you start by making your bed each day, stick to a schedule and organize your stay-at-home Covid schedule. By the end of the month you will be feeling a lot better and will have turned that nasty step backwards into something super powerful.

OH you can find a blast from the past online. Don't fall into the same trap. You have matured beyond that person. Be nice and say boo bye.

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How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign? (7)


Well, drama will certainly take center stage at Retrograde. NOTE! It doesn't have to be. you got it my friend The recent turbulent times are already affecting you because you feel them deeply.

It's time to clean up the friends list, both in real life and online. It's time to end those who don't see the world through rose-colored glasses. It's a beautiful world in there.

Although you tend to take care of everyone, even those you really dislike, this month is entirely dedicated to taking care of yourself. Cut, cut, cut and also relax. Spend a few nights at the spa on Saturdays watching movies with friends and family and keep laughing.

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How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign? (8)


Libra loves, this month you will really think about your professional future. Especially if you are not satisfied with your current job. Libras make the perfect hosts and party-goers. When you are living in your truth you may feel suffocating and this month is only going to make things worse.

Don't worry, there are solutions. First, clean up your resume, go to and see what's available that fits your passion and personality. You know what you want to do.

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Second, look for creative ways to revamp your resume and bio, and third, take a break and physically exhaust yourself this month. Exercise really is the key to feeling better and increasing creativity in your life.

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How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign? (9)


Have you felt like you've been on a battlefield lately? work, school, friends? Mercury retrograde will amplify these feelings, so using this next month to stay FOCUSED is very important!

Whatever issues arise, resolve them immediately and do so with integrity and a smile on your face. When work is tough, find ways to cope better while working to move forward. This weather will abate in July.

You are a problem solver, so solve it. Find ways to keep yourself physically busy during times of inactivity. Train to reinvent yourself physically over the next 30 days. You will feel MUCH better and be able to handle anything that comes your way.

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How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign? (10)


Let's bond a little during retrograde this month, shall we? Yes we will. He never shows any sign of attachment, he also LOVES to be in love and to love.

This is the perfect month to reflect on what is keeping you from falling in love and building stronger relationships. It definitely has something to do with a previous relationship. It's time to freeze that person. Take some time to think about what hurt you.

Write that person's name on a piece of paper, fold in half, forgive and place in a plastic container with some water and place in the freezer. Then take another piece of paper or notebook and write down everything you want from a partner or even the one you have right now. OH, don't freeze her when you're in a relationship.

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How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign? (11)


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Since Mercury rules communication and you love to communicate, this month is the absolutely perfect time to see what's going on with the people in your life. There have been some roadblocks over the past few months due to stress, but that shouldn't stop you from continuing.

It's time to take a "friend inventory" and find out who really deserves to be in your life. With this energy you will attract some people from your past. Don't let them go too fast. Hold the situation and move on from there.

Open communication, listen, learn and don't interrupt. When you're done, talk about your feelings and move on from there. Do you stay or do you go? you will know Make sure exercise is a priority over the next month to relieve any added stress.

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How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign? (12)


Air sign Aquarius, this retrograde month can be a bit uncomfortable and in some cases difficult to breathe. Physical well-being will be your priority this month. You focus on eating healthy and exercising every day. Bad habits are gone. They must be now.

The regression can be very intense. If you take care of yourself, stay active, and eat right, you will be happy and leave this month with a new body and a great attitude. Look at your friends and family who are already incorporating healthy habits into their lives. You know you want it too.

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How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign? (13)


Lucky Pisces, this step backwards probably won't affect you. We're totally jealous. However, there are some areas of your life that you can improve this month. We know you love to swim and are happy. After all, you're an exhaustion junkie.

If you're already in a relationship, find a fun, alternative way to spice up the romance. If you're single, be ready to mingle. Are you watching someone? hmm? Take the flirting to a higher level and have fun.

You also love being physically active and this is the month when you want to increase those experiences. Get out and enjoy nature, go for a walk, do outdoor yoga, stretch and breathe in the beauty. Just make sure social distancing is a priority.

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What zodiac signs are affected by Mercury retrograde? ›

Mercury signs Virgo and Gemini will always be impacted, however. And this particular Mercury retrograde running from April 21 until May 14, Taurus will be particularly affected as will the other fixed signs: Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius.

How does Mercury retrograde affect astrology? ›

You can expect an increase in delays, frustrations, miscommunications and even technological mishaps. And when Mercury is retrograde, plans are rarely ever set in stone, so it's not the most ideal time to sign contracts or make life-altering decisions.

What happens when Mercury retrogrades in your sign? ›

Here's what happens during a Mercury retrograde. “Mercury must be in retrograde” has become a kind of catch-all phrase for explaining why something has gone haywire in our lives. It's basically the Murphy's Law of astrology: Everything that can go wrong will go wrong during this planetary movement.

Does Mercury retrograde affect your sun sign or rising sign? ›

Who is affected most by Mercury retrograde? People born with the Sun, Moon, Mercury or the Ascendant (“rising sign”) in either Gemini or Virgo (the two signs said to be “ruled” by Mercury) are always strongly influenced by Mercury, whether it's forward or backward.

Does Mercury retrograde affect everyone? ›

Although everyone will feel its classic symptoms, you need to look into how Mercury retrograde will affect each zodiac sign from April to May 2023, because it will always paint a deeper picture of what this experience means for you.

What feelings does Mercury retrograde affect? ›

For example, some claim that during this period of retrograde movement, it is easier for us to become more irritable, unfocused, prone to misunderstandings and conflicts, and even experience mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.

How do you not let Mercury retrograde affect you? ›

Below are some tips to help you get through this time and actually use it to help instead of hinder your world.
  1. COLLECT YOUR WORDS. Through the period of Mercury Retrograde, pause before you speak. ...

What should we avoid during Mercury retrograde? ›

An exhaustive list of what not to do during Mercury retrograde
  • Hold off on signing any contracts. Making a big purchase? ...
  • Be prepared for traffic and other travel mishaps. ...
  • Avoid situations primed for misunderstandings. ...
  • Don't rely on technology. ...
  • Delete that "U Up?" text from a toxic ex. ...
  • Refrain from starting anything new.
Sep 2, 2022

Why does Mercury retrograde mess things up? ›

Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion which means it looks as if the planet is moving backwards from our view here on earth. Astrologers believe that during this perceived backwards motion, technology and communication could get disrupted, putting a damper on anyone's summer mood.

What your Mercury sign says about you? ›

The placement of Mercury within the birth chart indicates how we learn, what conjures our curiosity, the kind of information we exchange and how we relate and respond to the world at large.

What sign is Mercury in right now? ›

Mercury is currently in the constellation of Aries. The current Right Ascension is 02h 45m 08s and the Declination is +12° 15' 22”.

What sign is Mercury retrograde 2023? ›

When is Mercury in retrograde in 2023? 21 April to 14 May: The first retrograde of the year will occur under the Taurus sign, but we might have started to feel the effects of the pre-retrograde shadow that occurs before the transit happens from as early as 7 April. The post-retrograde shadow will last until 31 May.

Does your Mercury sign change? ›

Because Mercury is closest to the sun, your Mercury sign will always be in the same sign as your Sun sign, or the sign before or after, according to Montúfar.

What does Mercury retrograde do to Scorpios? ›

Scorpio (Oct.

Mercury is set to bring confusion and disruption to your partnerships and relationships. These intense feelings could bring new friction or old problems. Be mindful of who comes into your life during this time, said Thomas.

What does retrograde mean in birth chart? ›

"Retrograde essentially means the planet's energy is somewhat blocked externally, so those life areas that come within that planet's domain are not as easily expressed. The chart holder's soul chose to incarnate to learn deeper internal lessons regarding the areas of life ruled by that specific planet."

Does Mercury retrograde affect different signs differently? ›

As it turns out, Mercury Retrograde hits differently for different people every time it transits. Mercury stations retrograde in a different zodiac sign—and at varying degrees—every time it transits.

Does Mercury retrograde affect anxiety? ›

Does Mercury Retrograde cause anxiety? Mercury Retrograde itself does not cause anxiety, but the potential chaos of a Mercury Retrograde tornado of mishaps could bring forth anxious thoughts and feelings.

Can Mercury retrograde affect you positively? ›

We tend to move full steam ahead so often that when Mercury retrogrades and encourages certain parts of life to slow down, it can actually have some positive effects.

Does Mercury retrograde make you miss someone? ›

“Mercury retrograde is bringing the past forward, and back to us, including past relationships,” Potter says. “I find that it's usually when something is unfinished that it comes back. So a past fling with unfinished business might reach out because they've been thinking about you, or miss you.”

Why does Mercury retrograde affect some people? ›

According to astrologer Rebecca Gordon, the reason there tends to be a negative stigma around "Mercury retrograde" is because the planet Mercury rules an important part of people's lives: communication.

What good things happen during Mercury retrograde? ›

According to astrologer Vaness Henry, Mercury Retrograde doesn't cause us to make more mistakes, it helps us find the mistakes we've already made. It's a great time to re-flect, re-new, re-lax, rest, slow down and heal.

Can you manifest during Mercury retrograde? ›

The final step to manifesting during Mercury Retrograde is to stop obsessing over your desire and just assume that you will manifest it no matter what. The most important thing you need to do is to trust that your desire is already coming and there's no stopping it.

What will happen if you cut your hair during Mercury retrograde? ›

Don't get a new haircut

Mercury retrograde is not a good time to initiate anything—including new hairstyles. If you suddenly have the crazy urge to cut your hair into a jawline bob, don't. Odds are you will end up with a hair disaster on your hands.

What planet affects sleep? ›

Saturn is considered the main planet that affects your sleep. Additionally, the Moon, Venus, and Mercury are associated with sleep. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are water signs. These are also signs that tend to sleep more than common.

What zodiac sign is Mercury weak? ›

Mercury is weak in the Pisces sign. It is associated with the colour green and green emerald is the stone of mercury.

Which sign is bad for Mercury? ›

Note that the planet Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, so these two signs are most heavily affected.

What is the enemy sign of Mercury? ›

For Mercury, the opposite to Virgo are Pisces, and the opposite to Gemini is Sagittarius. Such signs are opposite to each other or are enemies. Therefore Mercury, when passing through the sings of Pisces or Sagittarius, will be in symbolicall fall or exile.

What color is Mercury in zodiac? ›

Mercury is of green color and reflects green rays.

What retrograde is right now? ›

For those who follow astrology, the phrase can spark some concern -- and right now, mercury is in fact in retrograde.

What planet is in retrograde right now 2023? ›

In 2023, Mercury will be in apparent retrograde motion during the following ranges of dates: December 28, 2022, to January 18, 2023. April 21 to May 14.

What sign did Mercury retrograde start in? ›

On April 21, Mercury will go retrograde in the sign of Taurus. During this stretch, which ends on May 14, you may hear all sorts of things being blamed on the planet of communication's retrograde period, from technology mishaps to misunderstandings with friends and loved ones.

How long will Mercury retrograde last? ›

While Mercury retrograde might seem chaotic, it's important to remember that you can always get ahead of it by knowing exactly which areas of life will be most impacted by this notorious astrological happening. From April 21 through May 14, Mercury will be going reverse in the sign of Taurus.

What is your rising sign? ›

Also known as your ascendant sign, your rising sign indicates the sign of the zodiac that was literally rising on the eastern horizon the moment you were born. Many astrologers suggest studying both your Sun and rising signs for a more nuanced understanding of your approach to life.

How long do signs stay in Mercury? ›

Mercury spends about two-three weeks in each sign, but when it retrogrades, which it does three to four times a year, it can stay in one sign as long as ten weeks.

How is 2023 for Scorpio? ›

The horoscope 2023 for the Scorpio zodiac sign says that some remarkable proposals will come your way. You have a high possibility of marrying or at least being engaged by the end of the New Year 2023.

Is Mercury in Scorpio powerful? ›

Mercury in Scorpio traits is extremely passionate about everything in their lives because they are born under the sign of the water bearer, Scorpio. They do not demonstrate to others how important certain things are to them. They would rather die than have their innermost thoughts discovered by someone else.

Is Mercury strong in Scorpio? ›

Mercury's placement in Scorpio keeps the Mercury planet in dominating appearance. Its influence enhances the natives' minds' strength, further adding to their sharp eye and ingeniousness. Its retrograde effect will make them unintelligent, greedy, and thievish.

Does retrograde affect all signs? ›

Mercury retrograde, in the parlance of astrology, is a significant event, impacting all 12 zodiacs. A planet governing communication, technology and travel, the direct and indirect influence of Mercury deeply affects everything from work to relationships.

How do you know if I was born during a retrograde? ›

Once your report is generated, look for Mercury. If there's an Rx beside the symbol, then you were born during Mercury in retrograde. Cafe Astrology also has a free natal chart calculator (and if you don't know the exact time of your birth, you can substitute noon for an adequate approximation).

Why does retrograde affect us? ›

During planetary retrogrades, we have the opportunity to revisit, reclaim, redefine, and reconnect with the energy represented by the retrograde planet. Retrograde periods invite us to slow down and re-vision how we want to go forward.

Does Mercury retrograde affect Scorpios? ›

This Mercury retrograde will primarily affect Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo in terms of their sense of security, self-esteem, and work mentality, and Gemini and Virgo should be more aware of potential problems with small-minded people, or they may want to actively reunite with old friends.

What does Mercury have to do with zodiac signs? ›

In Astrology, Mercury is seen as our way of thinking and communication. It is a planet of information and a place where our mind goes most in this lifetime.

Why does Mercury retrograde affect me so much? ›

Mercury Retrograde impacts all forms of communication and the way we think about things. During these periods, we often experience delays, mix-ups, and accidents when it comes to communication, transportation, and technology. Connections of all kinds don't seem to follow the rules we've become accustomed to.

What helps during Mercury retrograde? ›

That being said, here are some magical tips to help us survive and thrive during Mercury retrograde.
  • Add citrus to your routine. ...
  • Breathe in some lavender. ...
  • Journal your feelings. ...
  • Acknowledge the past. ...
  • Try a hint of mint. ...
  • Connect with your inner child. ...
  • Light some candles. ...
  • Technology cleanse with crystals.
Apr 20, 2023

How can we stop Mercury retrograde from affecting you? ›

Mercury governs technology, and travel communication – controlling both how we transmit and receive messages from others. To resist this retrograde's scrambling chaos effect, stay present in your interactions, think before you speak, and definitely re-read your texts and emails before sending.

Which signs are bad for Mercury? ›

Note that the planet Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, so these two signs are most heavily affected.

What zodiac owns Mercury? ›

Rulerships of signs
HouseSign DomicileRuling body (modern)
8 more rows

What does retrograde mean spiritually? ›

Mercury rules the part of us which absorbs information in an instant and transmits that information to others. When he retrogrades, the normal flow of energy is reversed. Ideas and thoughts seem to get stuck within our mind, instead of easily pouring out to others.

Does Mercury retrograde bring good effects? ›

Mercury entering retrograde is much like the weather shifting—not good, not bad, but a neutral, essential part of life on Earth. We tend to move full steam ahead so often that when Mercury retrogrades and encourages certain parts of life to slow down, it can actually have some positive effects.

Can Mercury retrograde affect you before it starts? ›

Yes, You Can Feel Mercury Retrograde Before and After It's Official.

Can I get my ex back during Mercury retrograde? ›

“If an ex returns during a Mercury Retrograde, it's usually because we haven't learned the lesson of that relationship,” Terrones explains. “It's not an invitation to get back together, but to come to a resolution between the two of you about the definition of your relationship.”


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