Bishop Marvin Sapp Discusses Ministry and Remarriage (Part 1) - Launch (2023)

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Bishop Marvin Sapp Discusses Ministry and Remarriage (Part 1) - Launch (2)

A multiple GRAMMY®Gospel Superstar, Songwriter, Producer and 22nd Stellar Award Nominee and Award-winning Pastor BishopMarvin Sapruns a thriving ministry: theMichiganheadquartered at Lighthouse Full Life Center Church, with two locations serving Grand Rapids and Muskegon.

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Sapp also leads Metropolitan Bishops on Global United Fellowship, where he oversees over 100churchesin 19 states. Days before the release of their new albumFence,Sapp talks about losing his wife MaLinda Sapp, moving on and raising three children as a single parent in this insightful interview.

To believe

What is your leadership style as a bishop?
I try to empower people. That's my goal. I am what you would call a Metropolitan Bishop over a Central Dean of Global United Fellowship. And the core denarius of Global United Fellowship is 19 states in the middle part of the United States, so I'm in charge of 148 or 149 churches that I cover. But the blessing is that I have three bishops under me, provincial bishops who are responsible for the day-to-day running of what Global United Fellowship is. It's a fellowship of about 900 churches in 22 countries and the fellowship is only about four years old, so it's relatively new. So thank goodness my leadership style is I really just have to stay on top of the three bishops that I have and I've been blessed with three great guys that I've had the opportunity to work with and really so-so. let alone make my life a lot easier when it comes to this responsibility as an Episcopal leader. Do I have to get down on her? No, because they are excellent leaders themselves and they keep me informed and up to date on everything that is happening at the Central Dean, leaving me blessed with a quiet position where I don't have to do much. because I have great support.

How do you balance your service duties with being a recording artist?
I don't balance it. I prioritize. If you really understand your task, keep everything in order. First of all, I'm a father. This is my first service. And after being a father, I am a pastor. Because I pastor two churches, one in Grand Rapids, Michigan and one in Muskegon, Michigan. And after that, I'm a musical artist. And so I'm a businessman. I try to keep everything in order. When I prioritize things correctly, it really is easier, to say the best, to reach the goal of taking care of all the responsibilities that are in my hands. Having a good team, I don't have a team for my kids, of course I'm the team for them, but when it comes to other things I have to do, you just need to have good people around you that you trust. to realize your thoughts, your concepts, your plans, and then you have to put them into action. You have to make sure they do what you let them do. I've always been really good at remembering things and conversations and also I do something that most guys don't do, I write down my conversations and thoughts and stuff like that so if I need to remember I can always remember the conversation and bring it up . You have to be able to force people to work. That's the key.

The family

What have you been up to since the untimely death of your wife, Dr. Did MaLinda Sapp learn about love?
Since my wife's death, one of the things I've come to love is the importance of family and the family unit. You know, when she died, I really started focusing on my kids and trying to make sure they were the best that they could be as individuals. And then try to raise them to be productive young people and productive citizens for society. I learned to love the whole concept of family and what the family unit is all about. I think I also learned to love myself and appreciate who I was as an individual. It really teaches you to really appreciate life in general because life is so short. You know the Bible says it's nothing more than a vapour. It taught me to appreciate every moment and not, in a better word, not get angry and bitter that things don't go as planned, but accept it and just live with it. He.

What do you miss most about her?
I think one of the things I miss most is her getting up every morning and saying the words, "Keep it up!" Every morning she would get up while the kids were running around the house, they could be crawling, and she would say (imitating her voice) "Go, kids, go!" I'm just trying to make sure that as individuals we understand the urgency of the moment. I miss her when she says that. I miss her too when she says thatExcellence is the standard, not the goal. She always instilled these words in us to understand that in the quest to be the best, we must focus on excellence, as this is the general standard, not just the goal. . She always instilled these words in us to understand that in the quest to be the best, we must focus on excellence, because that is not the standard, it is the goal. It's what we should look for the most. There are many things he has been saying all along.One of the things he always said was that he called everyone beautiful. Every woman was beautiful and every man was a man of God. No matter how ugly they were or how messed up their lives were, every man was a man of God. She always saw people not for what they were, but for what God created them to be. So I miss a lot of things about the things my wife said and now I'm saying call everyone a man of God, call every woman you meet beautiful because no matter how ugly her actions are or how ugly they may be personal eyes on the things they do, God created them and fashioned them beautifully.

The future

would you marry again
Absolutely. Now I'm at a point where I'm ready to think about moving on. My children are grown. My children are 23, 20 and 18 years old. None of them live in the house. They're all in college and that was really my focus and my goal was to raise my kids and give them my full attention. During the process I obviously dated, but some, most or all of them didn't understand why I wouldn't commit and move to this place to try to get married. They needed their father and they needed their father's full attention. So I made the decision to make that sacrifice their life and soul because I knew that if I were their life and soul I would get them to a place where they would be mature enough to move on with their lives and be successful. in all area. She would have time to find life and love again. I do not want to be alone. I'm a better man married than single. I have been married my entire adult life. I was with my wife from 23 to 43. Single life in this world is very different. Very, very, very different. One day I will find a boo

Marvin Sapp gets intimate: family, hobbies, new album, 'Close' (part 2)


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