Best Firm Mattresses 2022: Solid Support for a Good Night's Sleep (2023)


When it comes to your sleeping environment, there is no such thing as uncertainty. In this area, most people know exactly what they need and want, because good sleep is crucial to our health and well-being.

Over the course of an average lifetime, we spend a third of our lives asleep. It is not only necessary to give ourselves rest and strength, but also to allow ourselves to process and absorb the events of the previous day. Think about the last time you missed your eight hours: were you tired, grumpy, and unable to concentrate? everyone inside? It's no fun for anyone.

One of the keys to a good night's sleep is your mattress.

While it's generally accepted as a marketing myth that you should change your mattress every seven years, if you lie awake night after night cursing the blanket, maybe it's time to upgrade your mattress. Some people love the enveloping effect of a plush memory foam mattress, while others rave about the benefits of a hybrid mattress. For many who suffer from back problems or muscle pain, a firm tension mattress is the solution.

Advantages of a firm mattress

This is due to the high level of support offered by firm mattresses, often thanks to rows of tightly wound coils that distribute your body weight more evenly and help straighten your spine during sleep. This relieves your joints and ensures that you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning when the alarm goes off. Of course, they're not a bed of nails; These coils are sandwiched between layers of cotton and memory foam, so you might think they're the mattress version of Harry Potter's Professor McGonagall, who always has your back.

If you're looking for a firm mattress, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up the best models currently available, with all options showing UK double bed prices, although most are available in all standard UK bed sizes.

Browse our selection and get ready for the most dreamy sleep you'll ever have.

Double tension pocket spring mattress John Lewis & Partners Luxury Natural Collection Cashmere 27000

Under its digital umbrella, John Lewis not only carries several leading sleep brands, but also offers its own mattress brand. Proudly made in Yorkshire, the collection covers all tension types, including this super tight one.

No glue was used in the manufacture, meaning that once the entire bed is complete, it can be recycled and the components reused, reducing its impact on landfill sites across the country. The mount consists of a Cortec Quad Revolution pocket spring system with a spring in the spring. The result? Increased lumbar support, relieving joint pressure and spinal alignment.

Fillings, on the other hand, lean more towards the luxurious side, with wool, hemp, cashmere and silk all playing a key role in comfort.

In addition to a 60-night comfort trial with a free change, John Lewis also offers a seven-year warranty with every purchase.

Nature's Dawn All Season Pocket Spring Mattress - Double

Better than the best-selling Flaxby Nature Halo mattress, this model features up to 3,520 super-strong coils to give you and your back support all night long.

A layer of Minispring provides extra support, and the mattress features thick layers of British wool and cotton that regulate climate and wick moisture away, so you feel cool and comfortable every time you lie down. The feeling of supreme comfort is enhanced by a soft apricot colored cover that wraps around the upper of the design.

This mattress is single-sided, which means it will need to be turned once a week for the first three months, but only once a month. Everything is handcrafted here in the UK and comes with a 40 night sleep guarantee and a one year guarantee.

Colchón Hamsterley Country Living

If you like a bed with a little bounce, Country Living's Hamsterley Premium Mattress is for you. It features a double layer of 1881 alloy steel coils to provide luxuriously elevated support. Tired joints will feel rested and revitalized in the morning thanks to these coils working individually to support weight for zonal comfort.

Combined with 14 layers of high quality natural fillings (e.g. sheepskin and mohair) and a 100% natural Belgian damask cover, the mattress has been handcrafted in the UK by highly skilled craftsmen, helping to support the industry. This is a true inversion bed that will accompany you through all seasons, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. A five-year warranty is included with your purchase, giving you even more peace of mind.

Silentnight 1400 Pocket Luxurious double orthodontic mattress

In addition to 1400 coils to keep you airborne, the Silentnight mattress also features padding for a feeling of luxurious support. No matter your sleeping position, you'll feel supported and cared for while you sleep, aided by multiple layers including one made from fibers made from recycled bottles, adding an eco-friendly touch to the design.

Perfect for those with back pain, this bed also has full support so you won't sag in the middle or slide sideways. A soft damask cover completes the luxurious look of the mattress, and while it's not necessary to turn it over, it will come in handy from time to time. There is a manufacturer's guarantee of five years.

Silentnight Ruddington Combo-Matratze

Combining full-length 2211 springs with layers of TCPP-free memory foam and other layers of comfort, this hypoallergenic mattress offers the best of both worlds. The tension is firm, but that doesn't mean it feels like bouncing off a slab of stone. Instead, this layer of memory foam covers and supports the body without feeling like you're sinking in.

The coils are placed in the advanced Mirapocket overlay, which distributes your weight evenly across the mattress and also prevents you from rolling towards your partner in the middle of the night. At the same time, the Purotex cover keeps moisture to a minimum, so you feel fresh in the morning and ready for the day.

Sleepeezee Hampton 2400 Two Pocket Mattress

British wool and cotton are combined in this mattress with 2400 pocket springs to offer superior firmness for those who like their bed firmer.

After a long, tiring day, slip between the sheets and settle into the luxurious one-sided pillowcase, featuring a hand-woven damask cover to ensure a restful night's sleep. The outer fabric is also made of Tencel, a fiber that wicks moisture and regulates temperature so you don't wake up in a hot, sweaty state. Air vents add to the comfort feeling.

TEMPUR Sensation Luxe Memory Foam Mattress Firm Tension Double

There's nothing worse than waking up before the alarm clock, but it's even more annoying when your partner wakes up first. Sleep longer thanks to the Tempur mattress, which isolates movement so no one disturbs you. Layers of memory foam cushion tired extremities, giving them a chance to recover from the day's trials, while the brand's Dynamic Support technology provides full-body support during downtime.

The QuickRefresh cover is also removable, so you can open it up and throw it in the washing machine when you need it. It comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Bensons for Beds Phoenix back care mattress

A total of 1,000 fixed coils work together in this mattress to provide stable tension throughout the bed to the brim, maximizing sleep space. Each coil sits in its own pocket, providing independent support to all areas of your body, no matter how much you move throughout the night. In addition to the springs, the mattress is made up of layers of ecological fibers and a layer of natural wool to give you extra warmth during the colder months.

It's guaranteed for five years and like a double-sided mattress, it can be tossed and turned from head to toe to maintain that supportive feel.

Relyon Taunton Dunlopillo Latex Mattress - Double

As Director of Commercial Purchasing at Dreams, Fabio Perrotta has slept in many beds. He says: “Relyon is one of our new brands at Dreams and they produce fantastic quality mattresses. Made from sustainably sourced Dunlopillo latex, the mattresses offer plenty of bounce and bounce as well as 33% more pressure relief than traditional memory foam. Additionally, there are some great added benefits to buying a Relyon, including breathability, temperature regulation, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties.

My number one choice is the Relyon Taunton Dunlopillo mattress – it's firm, with 1,122 individual pocket springs that help distribute body weight evenly and provide excellent overall support.” It looks like a bed you can count on.

Doppelmatratze Relyon Natural Pocket Ortho Intense

The Relyon mattress is an extra firm bed for people with back pain and an investment in your health. In the development of every detail, support was paramount; From the 1500 pocket coils that constantly adjust as you move while you sleep, to the cotton blend cooling layer and jump layers that ensure your sleeping environment stays comfortable and breathable.

Because it's sterilized and dust-free, it's also great for those with allergies that make you sneeze in the morning. Edge-to-edge support provides more lying surface and prevents you from falling over. The entire area is upholstered in Belgian damask, which gives elegance to the mattress.

Simba Hybrid Luxury Mattress

Combining the best of both worlds in 10 luxurious layers, Simba's latest mattress can bring relief to anyone experiencing the painful effects of sitting in an ill-fitting chair at a WFH desk all day. .

It uses 6,000 titanium aerocoil springs arranged in three layers, with layers of open-cell foam, bamboo fleece and layers of high-definition edge support in the middle to create a comfortable layer to spend eight hours a night in.

Everything rests on a Simba Pure Zoned Support Base, supporting your limbs and joints from the base up. Tension wise it is firm but not stiff.

Foam can often cause overheating, especially when you sleep hot, but Simba designed the layers to allow airflow, making sweaty mornings a thing of the past. Free shipping.

Orthopedic mattress Sealy Millionaire

Perfect for sleepers who need a little extra support in the mattress department, the Sealy Millionaire Orthopedic Mattress is available exclusively from Mattress Online. Like many of its products, the bed uses Sealy's Posture Tech Core Support spring system to help keep your back straight, even while you sleep. The mattresses offer super firm tension, which makes them more comfortable even for overweight people. Over the layer of feathers there is plenty of filling and an apricot topping to enjoy. Hand tufting keeps the padding in place.

The Cotswold Company Ortho Soporte Colchón

Handcrafted in the UK by The Cotswold Company, the Ortho Support mattress range features 1,000 pocket springs for superior support. A luxurious layer of recycled polyester overlays the coils for high tension comfort, making you feel like you're sleeping on clouds. Mattresses are available in standard UK sizes (single, queen, double and king), each encased in a micro-cushioned fabric that is breathable and hypoallergenic.


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